MoEY Tertiary Drive

The Ministry of Education and Youth launches Tertiary Recruitment Drive to  Increase Tertiary Enrolment 

PRESS RELEASE April 23, 2024 

Kingston, Jamaica: The Ministry of Education and Youth is on a mission to increase  post-secondary education enrolment through a 3 pronged outreach effort. 

The declaration was made by Minister of State in the Ministry of Education and Youth, Marsha  Smith, who was speaking at the MoEY Tertiary Recruitment Drive held at Manchester High on  Friday, April 19. 

“What we’re hoping to get from these recruitments is a harvest of students who can take  advantage of our tertiary education offerings (and) build the nation.” 

The event brought together representatives from 20 of the country’s public higher education  institutions who introduced programmes and opportunities for continued education. 

The series is a recommendation made by the principals of the Teacher’s Colleges and  Community Colleges who noted the issue of low enrolment in public Higher Education Institutions and the need for the populace to understand the plethora of opportunities within these institutions.

“The Recruitment Drive is in alignment with the recommendations of the Jamaica Education  Transformation Commission Report and it is an initiative which seeks to address the issue of  low enrolment across our Public Higher Education Institutions.” 

The tertiary drive placed particular emphasis on Teacher’s Colleges, Community Colleges and  the Vocational Training Development Institutes, (VTDI). Mrs. Renee Williams-Brown, Senior  Education Officer in the Tertiary Unit, says students can qualify to enter Teachers’ Colleges with  a minimum of five (5) CXCS subjects including Mathematics and English Language and the  subject area they intend to specialize in.” 

She added that the Community Colleges and VTDI require a minimum of five (5) CXCS subjects including Mathematics and English Language to matriculate into their programmes.

“The Teachers’ Colleges, Community Colleges and VTDI provide support to the Sixth Form Pathways Programme as they provide opportunities for students to leave directly from fifth form and continue their education in these institutions. There are also opportunities for students who have achieved less than five (5) CXCs to engage in Pathway Two Programmes which allow them to develop in a particular NCTVET skill area. 

Pathways 2 and 3 of the Sixth Form pathways programme is fully funded by the MoEY and will deliver Caribbean Vocational Qualification Jamaica (CVQ J),  National Vocational Qualification of Jamaica (NVQ J) certification and City and Guilds Skills.” 

Rainess Simpson, Technical Development Officer administering the Six Form Pathways  Programme in Region 5, explained that the government now supports youth with a grant of  $60,000 per student to progress through tertiary institutions. This is in addition to the already  government subsidized tuition fees. 

The targeted stakeholders in the Tertiary Recruitment Drive are the Teachers’ Colleges,  Community Colleges and VTDI, who will accept the students who haven’t sat the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Exam (CAPE).  

Meanwhile, the Jamaica Values and Attitudes Assistance for Tertiary Students (JAMVAT) continues to provide additional financial support mechanisms for tertiary students. In exchange  for 200 hours of public service, the government pays 30% of the student’s tuition cost not  exceeding 350,000 per year. 

JAMVAT promotes the participating students’ awareness of his/her civic responsibility while  simultaneously encouraging the positive values and attitudes necessary for community  development and nation building. 

The Tertiary Recruitment Drive is designed to ensure that students and parents are aware of the  academic and non-academic programme offerings in Public Higher Education Institutions. The  drives also seek to showcase available funding opportunities which can make higher education  a reality. It is hoped that this increased awareness will allow students to benefit from the  excellent offerings in our higher education institutions. 

Some six High Schools and a number of parents were present at the first sitting of the Tertiary  Recruitment Drive Manchester.  

The next stop for the Tertiary Recruitment Drive is on April 26 at the National Arena in Kingston  and May 3 at Harmony Beach Park in Montego Bay.