For a Brighter Tomorrow

Setting a new TREND in Education

Transforming Education for National Development (TREND) is
being implemented by the Ministry of Education and Youth and is
focused on positioning Jamaica to become a more globally competitive nation. The implementation spans between 2023 and 2030 and therefore aligns with Jamaica’s Vision 2030 development goals.

Based on the 365 recommendations from the Jamaica Education Transformation Commision Report (2021), TREND will improve performance at all levels of the education system.

At the heart of TREND is the mission “For a Brighter Tomorrow”.

Seven steps to TREND, Seven Pillars of Change


Governance and Accountability

By creating educational systems of success and assigning the best people to manage the process, Jamaica will benefit from better outcomes, efficient spending and enhanced strategic focus.


Early Childhood Education

Improving equitable access to quality early childhood education will stimulate excellent learner performance from the start.


Teaching, Curriculum & Teacher Training 

Empowering our educators to create learning experiences that transform minds and lives for national and global impact will facilitate better learning for better living.


Tertiary Sector

The focus is to ensure that Jamaica’s higher education sector is coherent, equitable and well-resourced, developing critical-thinking lifelong learners, who are creative, innovative, thoughtful, and productive, contributing to the country’s sustainable development.


Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET)

Integrating TVET into the secondary school curriculum as well as improving the delivery of skills training to support the development of entrepreneurship will position Jamaica for long term success.


Infrastructure & Technology

Providing physical learning spaces that deliver equitable access and international standard resources to all types of learners, will set Jamaica on a path to being more globally competitive. Additionally, designing schools with adequate technological capabilities will equip Jamaica’s learners to optimize natural and artificial intelligence for personal gain, as well as national and global growth.



Paying keen attention to optimizing educational budgets and resources, to guarantee greater results at all levels of the education system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TREND, and what does it aim to achieve?


TREND stands for Transforming Education for National Development. It is an initiative being led by the Ministry of Education and Youth in Jamaica which is designed to revolutionise the country’s educational system. TREND’s foremost goal is to position Jamaica as a globally competitive nation by enhancing the quality and effectiveness of education across all levels, from early childhood to tertiary education.

What is the purpose of the Education Transformation Oversight Committee (ETOC)?


ETOC is an independent multi-stakeholder body that has been appointed to monitor and oversee the implementation of education reform measures. It will develop annual work plans, report achievements against targets, and ensure that education reform remains a national priority.

What is the purpose of reviewing the National Standards Curriculum (NSC), and how will it be aligned with the national educational philosophy and Vision 2030 goals?


The review of the NSC aims to ensure that it reflects the national educational philosophy and Vision 2030 goals while addressing current socio-cultural issues.

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